TOZO Open Buds Review

The TOZO Open Buds Review: a compelling open-style earbuds for those seeking quality and versatility.

Gadgets  •  February 03, 2024

Honor Magic V2 Review

The Honor Magic V2 Review: redefines foldable smartphones with its impossibly thin design, competitive specs and great battery life.

Gadgets  •  February 02, 2024

Nothing confirms Phone (2a) via Community Update

London-based technology company Nothing has today confirmed the name of its new smartphone, Phone (2a).

Gadgets  •  February 01, 2024

CMF Buds Pro Review

The CMF Buds Pro impress with their exceptional design, effective ANC, and rich audio quality. Read our CMF Buds Pro review!

Gadgets  •  January 30, 2024

Poly Sync 20 Review

The Poly Sync 20 review: a portable speaker offering improved audio and microphone quality beyond basic laptop capabilities.

Gadgets  •  January 29, 2024

HONOR X9b Hands-on Review

The HONOR X9b hands-on review: a mid-level smartphone with an excellent display, good set of cameras and fast charging.

Gadgets  •  January 29, 2024

GameSir G8 Galileo review

GameSir G8 Galileo review: stands as a versatile and ergonomic mobile gaming controller, enhancing the smartphone gaming experience.

Gadgets  •  January 29, 2024

Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless Makes Its Debut in the Middle East

Sennheiser announced the release of their newest noise-cancelling headphones, the ACCENTUM Wireless, in the Middle East.

Gadgets  •  January 09, 2024

ASUS Zenbeam L2 Review

The ASUS Zenbeam L2 Review: impressive portability, excellent image quality in dark environments, and versatile connectivity options.

Gadgets  •  December 19, 2023

CMF by Nothing Unveils Debut Products in the Middle East

Featuring Buds Pro, Watch Pro, & Power 65W GaN, CMF by Nothing lineup offers great design while delivering an uncompromised user experience.

Gadgets  •  December 18, 2023

Sennheiser brand unveils AMBEO Soundbar Mini

Sennheiser brand unveils AMBEO Soundbar Mini, immersive audio solution backed by its sleek design and unparalleled sound quality.

Gadgets  •  December 18, 2023

Huawei unveils latest tablets, laptops, and earbuds

The HUAWEI FreeClip, MatePad Pro 13.2", MateBook D 16, & MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition were showcased at the product launch event in Dubai.

Gadgets  •  December 13, 2023

VOLTME Revo 140W PD3.1 GaN charger Giveaway


Nothing Phone (2a) review

The Phone (2a) punches above its weight with a large, sharp display, long-lasting battery, and smooth performance – at a competitive price.

Gadgets  •  April 13, 2024

Poputar T2 Review

The Poputar T2 Review: a beginner-friendly design with an innovative learning system makes this instrument approachable and engaging.

Gadgets  •  April 06, 2024

Populele 2 Pro Smart Concert Smart Concert Ukulele Review

The Populele 2 Pro Smart Concert Review: a great choice for anyone dipping their toes into the world of ukuleles.

Gadgets  •  April 06, 2024

ASUS ProArt PA32UCXR Review

ProArt PA32UCXR Review: Designed for video editors, creators, designers, and photographers, this is a great 32-inch 4K HDR Mini-LED display.

PC & Hardware  •  March 28, 2024

ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore Breaks Four World Records

ASUS announced that an international group of elite overclockers has set four world records with an ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore motherboard

PC & Hardware  •  March 28, 2024