Revo Duo 30W GaN Charger Review

Revo Duo 30W GaN Charger review: a compact and powerful charging solution that offers impressive performance and versatility.

Gadgets  •  June 20, 2023

Zorloo Zophia Wire.less Earphones Review

Zorloo Zophia Wire.less Earphones review: impressive earphones with their versatile functionality, solid performance, and comfortable design.

Gadgets  •  June 19, 2023

Best portable SSDs 2023

To help you in making an informed decision, we have curated a list of the top recommended portable SSDs for 2023.

Gadgets  •  June 18, 2023

ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 review

ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Review: a high-performance router that offers an extensive range of features crafted to enhance your gaming experience.

Gadgets  •  June 17, 2023

VOLTME Revo 65 GaN Charger Review

VOLTME Revo 65 GaN charger Review: a compact, powerful, and reliable charging solution that delivers fast charging for a variety of devices.

Gadgets  •  June 16, 2023

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series in the UAE announced

The HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series at a starting price AED1599 is available for pre-orders in the UAE starting on June 16th

Gadgets  •  June 14, 2023

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Pro review

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Pro Review: a top-of-the-line gaming router that exceeds expectations in every aspect.

Gadgets  •  June 14, 2023

TOZO Golden X1 Review

TOZO Golden X1 Review: impressive package combining excellent noise cancellation, exceptional sound quality, and IPX6 rating.

Gadgets  •  June 13, 2023

Huawei P60 Pro Review

Huawei P60 Pro Review: a highly capable flagship smartphone that excels in many areas, including performance, display and camera.

Gadgets  •  June 12, 2023

HUAWEI nova 11 Series Launches in the UAE

Huawei has launched the innovative HUAWEI nova 11 Series, a bold and stylish line made with portrait photography in mind.

Gadgets  •  June 07, 2023

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Review

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Review: an outstanding wireless headset that excels in its versatility and performance across multiple platforms.

Gadgets  •  May 31, 2023

Navodesk Desk Hub Pro Review

The Navodesk Desk Hub Review: a must-have accessory for anyone looking to streamline their desk setup and power management.

Gadgets  •  May 27, 2023

VOLTME Revo 140W PD3.1 GaN charger Giveaway


Mortal Kombat 1 Review

Mortal Kombat 1 Review: a great fighting game, an incredible and a worthy successor to the reigning champion which still is MK11. 

Gaming  •  October 03, 2023

Realme 11 5G debuts in the UAE

Realme 11 5G debuts in the UAE: the launch of the realme 11 5G marks a significant milestone in the brand's journey.

Gadgets  •  October 03, 2023

Huawei unveils new line-up of wearables

Huawei today held its landmark “Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch” event in Dubai, unveiling its next step in wearables.

Gadgets  •  October 03, 2023

WD launches WD Blue SN580 NVMe SSD

Building upon its award-winning SSD portfolio, Western Digital released the WD Blue SN580 NVMe solid state drive (SSD).

PC & Hardware  •  October 03, 2023

Nothing Phone 2 Review

If you're after a phone that offers impressive cameras, stunning display, and performance, the Nothing Phone 2 might be your perfect match.

Gadgets  •  October 01, 2023