LG opens interactive B2B showroom in Dubai

Explore LG’s interactive B2B showroom in LG’s Business Innovation Center, located at LG Electronics MEA HQ, X3WR+24J Mina Jebel Ali, JAFZA, Dubai UAE.

GDGTME Team  •  March 03, 2023

LG opens interactive B2B showroom in Dubai

LG announced today the opening of its Information Display Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Dubai, UAE. The showroom represents more than just a platform to showcase LG’s cutting-edge digital signage, but an experience center where customers can interact with the latest technology and explore the possibilities that LG’s B2B solutions offer.

From sliding doors and conference room glass partitions made of Transparent OLED Signage, to drive-thru and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) digital signage, conference rooms with all-in-one videoconferencing screens, LED displays for various commercial usage and a home cinema with a massive Micro LED display, the facility aims to showcase the versatility of LG’s B2B solutions and provide visitors with a firsthand look at how these products and solutions can transform and elevate their home and business environments.

“Customers need more than just a demonstration of products; they desire an interactive experience that showcases the full capabilities of technology. Our Business Innovation Center in Dubai has been designed with this in mind, providing customers with an engaging, hands-on experience that showcases the potential of LG’s display solutions. We are excited to demonstrate to our customers how LG’s latest products can add value in practically any commercial sector or area in their life,” said LG Electronics Middle East & Africa Regional CEO, Mr. Ilhwan Lee.

Visitors at the Innovation Center will be greeted by LG’s Transparent OLED Automatic Door at the entrance of the showroom, demonstrating new ways to communicate with customers and employees, as well as an advertising tactic to the consumers. At the center is the eye-catching dual screen display using 1.5mm LED Pillar and Transparent LED film allowing continuous viewing of two different contents for an amazing visual effect. Another key installation is the 10m x 2.7m Fine Pitch LED screen showcasing kinetic realization using real curve and a 90° corner design.

The Innovation Center is divided into special themed areas. The Retail Zone showcases LG’s Transparent OLED Signage which responds to viewers’ touch as well as illuminate the space behind the display, visually enhancing the objects behind it. The QSR Zone highlights LG’s IP rated outdoor displays and back-office screens perfect for Drive-Thru experience as well as menu board screens and a self-ordering Kiosk. The Meeting Rooms boasts of LG’s All-in-One conferencing solution for next level work meetings while in the Home Cinema Area, visitors can experience the amazing 163-inch Micro LED Display, the LG MAGNIT. With its huge size and super picture quality, it can provide viewers with a sense of immersion and make every viewing experience memorable.

Explore LG’s innovative B2B solutions in LG’s Business Innovation Center, located at LG Electronics MEA HQ, X3WR+24J Mina Jebel Ali, JAFZA, Dubai UAE.

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