SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision

SCUF Gaming today announced the launch of its groundbreaking new line of PC controllers called SCUF Envision.

GDGTME Team  •  October 14, 2023

SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision

SCUF Gaming, creator of the high-performance gaming controllers, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking new line of PC controllers, SCUF Envision. Designed specifically for PC gamers, SCUF Envision redefines the PC gaming experience with its unprecedented customization and cutting-edge technology.

Offering an unparalleled level of control, SCUF Envision grants PC gamers a decisive competitive advantage, with the additional control options that have made SCUF controller synonymous with competitive gaming. Within a familiar shape, 11 additional remappable inputs compared to standard controllers, empower gamers to create a controller layout that suits their unique playstyle and puts every control within easy reach, for when it matters most. 

SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision
SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision

“Our vision is to provide PC gamers who choose to play with a controller the best possible experience in their favorite games,” said Bertrand Chevalier, GM of SCUF Gaming. “Before Envision, players settled for performance on controllers that weren’t optimized for PC gaming. Now, with Envision, they have more control, and faster responses, all on a platform tailor-made for PC.”

Showcasing its versatility, SCUF Envision boasts five fully programmable G-Keys for convenient access to any PC shortcut. Additionally, the controller features two Side Action (SAX) buttons that unlock new possibilities in game configurations, along with four integrated back paddles for faster reactions and more control in your favorite games. Switch weapons, jump, or slide, all without taking your thumbs off the thumbsticks. Launch an app, mute your microphone, or even launch your stream without your hands leaving the controller.

SCUF Envision innovates further with mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons, which offer crisp and responsive inputs. With SCUF Envision Pro, gamers can also take advantage of Adjustable Instant Triggers, allowing them to switch between mouse-like clicks for quick FPS shots and the full trigger range for RPG and racing-style games. The controller’s hyper-fast connectivity ensures seamless and lag-free inputs, with Envision Pro unleashing ultra-low-latency CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM Wireless Technology for advanced PC gaming completely free from wires.

SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision
SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Envision

“SCUF has always been at the forefront of performance controllers. We introduced back-control functions back in 2011 and have continued to bring innovation to the category. Being part of the Corsair family provided the perfect opportunity to bring the best of both brands together to create the ultimate controller experience for PC gamers,” said Chevalier. “SCUF Envision represents the next evolution of gaming controllers, providing greater precision, and performance than ever.”

SCUF Envision also integrates seamlessly with the power of Corsair iCUE software, enabling gamers to customize thumbstick and trigger response curves from the same interface they use for their entire PC setup. Players can also synchronize the controller’s RGB light strip with the rest of their battlestation, elevating their gaming atmosphere to dazzling new highs.

Putting extraordinary versatility and personalization in your grasp, SCUF Envision delivers more control, more finesse, and more performance to change your game once again.

Pricing and Availability

Compatible with Windows 10 PCs, SCUF Envision starts at $129.99 and Envision Pro starts at $179.99. Both will be available from October 12th at select retailers, and from  SCUF Gaming’s website:

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