Samsung Launches 240Hz G-Sync Compatible Curved CRG5 Gaming Monitor at gamescom 19

Abey Mascreen  •  August 21, 2019

Samsung Launches 240Hz G-Sync Compatible Curved CRG5 Gaming Monitor at gamescom 19

Samsung Electronics has added a new curved gaming monitor to its lineup, the 27in CRG5, which boasts a super fast 240Hz refresh rate.

“Gaming is evolving rapidly and so too are player expectations. As a leader in the gaming monitor industry, we are always looking to innovate to deliver the most advanced, immersive experience possible,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The CRG5 offers an industry-first curved monitor with 240Hz RapidCurve™ technology and G-Sync Compatible that will allow players to experience games in a completely new way.”

As the world’s largest gaming event, gamescom is an important stage for Samsung to display its latest gaming technology. Besides the Samsung 240Hz CRG5 monitor, attendees can experience Samsung’s other latest gaming display innovations including the Space Gaming Monitor (SR75Q) and the Super Ultra-wide CRG9 49”.

The 27-inch CRG5 combines a lightning-fast refresh rate through 240Hz RapidCurve™technology and 1500R curvature, eliminating lag time while displaying ultra-smooth scenes for a truly immersive experience. The 240Hz refresh rate allows a swift, smooth response to screen transitions and quickly changing situations, while the 1500R curved screen offers a wider view with just one glance.

To eliminate tears, stuttering and any delay in the action, G-sync Compatible from NVIDIA synchronizes the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and panel, offering players exceptionally dynamic and seamless gameplay during any scene in full HD resolution.

An impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio means Samsung’s latest curved gaming monitor delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites, providing superfine detail in the brightest and darkest parts of an image for greater user enjoyment. Samsung’s CRG5 has a curved vertical alignment (VA) panel display tailored to the user’s range of view for increased concentration during critical gameplay moments.

The bezel-less design of Samsung’s CRG5 gives gamers even more screen space, while a strong, sturdy Y-stand and game dashboard-style On Screen Display (OSD) menu enhance any gaming environment. Samsung’s CRG5 also offers a host of optimal gaming modes that make the player experience more comfortable than ever before. Game Mode is an optional setting that automatically and optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness and color for all types of games. Low input Lag Mode can also minimize delays between a user’s input devices and display, while Virtual Aim both increases and enhances accuracy when playing a first-person shooter. Finally, Eye Saver Mode minimizes the blue light emitted by the display to keep eyes comfortable extended periods of gaming.

Samsung’s CRG5 and the CRG9 49” are now available globally, while the Space Gaming Monitor (SR75Q) will be available globally from Q4.

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