LG and Etisalat showcase AI-powered smart home at GITEX

LG’s ThinQ platform serves as the foundation for an intelligent, connected and personalized experience.

Josh Richards  •  December 07, 2020

LG and Etisalat showcase AI-powered smart home at GITEX

For GITEX Technology Week 2020, LG has partnered with Etisalat to showcase the latest innovations in smart home technology which can create a seamless experience.

At the LG ThinQ Smart Home within Etisalat’s booth, attendees are witnessing firsthand how a seamless, connected smart home can be achieved – harnessing the power of Etisalat’s Wi-Fi technology. LG’s experts are on hand to provide product demonstrations and show the technology in action, as it works to not only solve common challenges, but also anticipate and evolve in line with the user’s habits.

Forming a central role in this smart home symphony is the LG ThinQ smartphone application, which is connected to all home appliances, electronics and air solutions for a holistic overview of what truly makes a home ‘smart’.

Within its continuous R&D efforts, LG has identified an integral need to create products which deliver meaningful intelligence. Consumer research has shown that key purchasing influences typically include a desire to save – on energy consumption and cost, as well as demand for greater convenience. Common concerns around smart home technology include fear of investment due to products potentially becoming obsolete, as well as concerns around maintenance.

LG Etisalat
LG and Etisalat showcase AI-powered smart home at GITEX

Addressing these aspects head-on, LG’s smart home technology consists of an ever-growing portfolio of products, with seamless connectivity via multiple access points (including voice, mobile and in-device integration), as well as promoting an open platform and ongoing collaborations with fellow industry leaders to strengthen its offerings. LG ThinQ also evolves in accordance with user needs and provides recommendations for a more personalized experience.

To prolong the lifespan of products and ensure users are getting the best out of their technology, LG’s Proactive Customer Care solution works alongside the LG ThinQ app, sending users installation reports, usage details and alerts to keep smart homes running smoothly.

On showcase at GITEX is LG’s sleek 77-inch GX OLED TV, with a built-in α9 Gen3 AI Processor that leverages deep learning algorithms to recognize content type and optimize both audio and picture quality. The television’s interface also provides a Home Dashboard through which users can operate their smart home appliances using just their voice. For audio enthusiasts, the LG SN11R sound bar demonstrates AI Room Calibration –harnessing spatial awareness technology to measure the room’s unique characteristics and balance audio to suit the environment.

As part of the company’s home appliance offering, LG ThinQ technology is showing how users can easily select temperature settings for the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator and check the status of the QuadWash dishwasher’s cycle remotely. Taking the chore out of laundry, LG is also displaying its TWINWash washing machine with AI Direct Drive technology, detecting clothing weight, fabric softness and optimal washing motions to keep items in their best condition.

As the importance of maintaining a comfortable and clean environment remains a focus for all, visitors are also experiencing the technology behind LG’s DUALCOOL air conditioner and PuriCare double tower air purifier, which, when operated remotely via the LG ThinQ app, also provide maintenance tips, alongside access to LG-certified parts and accessories for added convenience.

The philosophy behind LG ThinQ enables us to continue creating products and services which seek to not only meet but exceed expectations when it comes to creating a smart home. Of course, integral to any smart home experience is a robust network, which is why we are proud to be partnering with the region’s leading service providers – Etisalat, to show visitors all the difference seamless connectivity makes in delivering on the promise of an intelligent lifestyle

Mr. Hongju Jeon, President, LG Electronics Gulf

GITEX Technology Week is currently taking place between the 6-10 December 2020, during which social distancing measures and sanitization protocols are in place at the Etisalat booth and within the LG ThinQ Smart Home area.

Visitors are being guided by hosts through the smart home experience, with minimized touchpoints and QR codes for access to further information, ensuring peace-of-mind.

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