Laptop Reviews

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 Review: a remarkable advancement in the field of foldable PC technology. Read our review.

PC & Hardware  •  July 10, 2024

HP Omen 16 2023 Review

HP Omen 16 2023 Review: The Omen 16 2023 offers great value for gamers seeking a balance between power and portability.

PC & Hardware  •  February 13, 2024

Acer Swift Go 14 Review

The Acer Swift Go 14 Review: boasting a stunning OLED display and respectable performance, it meets diverse user needs.

PC & Hardware  •  February 03, 2024

Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Review

Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Review: a compelling mix of performance and portability. It excels in gaming, thanks to powerful internals, good display and fast charging.

PC & Hardware  •  October 15, 2023

MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Hands-on

We had a hands-on opportunity with the latest offering from MSI – the stunning MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport.

PC & Hardware  •  September 01, 2023

Acer Aspire 5 Spin 14 Review

Aspire 5 Spin 14 Review: a versatile 2-in-1 laptop that offers a balance between functionality and convenience.

PC & Hardware  •  August 29, 2023

HP ZBook Fury 16 G10 Review

The HP ZBook Fury 16 G10 Review: a high-performance laptop, designed with precision for power users and professionals.

PC & Hardware  •  August 29, 2023

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3 Review

The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 features an excellent chassis design and an innovative dual-display setup with good hardware. Read our review.

PC & Hardware  •  July 17, 2023

Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 Review

Predator Helios Neo 16 Review: a compelling choice for gamers and power users seeking a high-performance laptop without breaking the bank.

PC & Hardware  •  July 01, 2023

MSI Cyborg 15 A12VF Review

MSI Cyborg 15 A12VF Review: a new line-up of portable gaming laptops built for gamers seeking solid performance for cost-performance value.

PC & Hardware  •  June 30, 2023

MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo Review

MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo review: a versatile 2-in-1 laptop that impresses with its powerful performance and flexible design.

PC & Hardware  •  June 30, 2023

MSI Katana 15 B13V Review

MSI Katana 15 B13V Review: a great option for gamers seeking solid performance without breaking the bank. Read our review!

PC & Hardware  •  March 25, 2023

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How to archive or delete Instagram posts in bulk at once?

Tap on ‘Your Activity’. Click ‘Posts’ from the options. Click on ‘Select’ at the top and pick the posts you want to hide.

Guides  •  July 19, 2024

How to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

A Spotify collaborative playlist allows you to create a playlist on your own and then invite your friends to add their favourite tracks.

Guides  •  July 19, 2024

HONOR 200 Series launches with the future AI Portrait Photography

The HONOR 200 Series will be available in UAE, KSA, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan with a later rollout expected in South Africa.

Gadgets  •  July 18, 2024

How to play an Xbox game on Fire TV?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in over 25 countries can play games directly from the Xbox app on select Fire TV devices via cloud gaming.

Gaming  •  July 18, 2024

Why buy the new HUAWEI MatePad SE 11?

The HUAWEI MatePad SE 11 promises its users the best eye comfort without compromising on the immersive visual experience.

Gadgets  •  July 18, 2024