The latest in surveillance cameras: an exclusive interview with TP-Link

We recently had the opportunity to interview Lucas, General Manager at TP-Link FZE.

GDGTME Team  •  December 31, 2021

The latest in surveillance cameras: an exclusive interview with TP-Link

How has the need for surveillance transformed during the pandemic?

The pandemic has undoubtedly fueled the demand for advanced surveillance cameras. With the growing need for better virtual connectivity through more interactive and innovative technical solutions came the need for improved security as well. Surveillance cameras have undergone massive upgrades during the pandemic and now come designed to offer intelligent detection features and unparalleled footage quality. The surveillance cameras had to be upgraded faster during this time, as they needed to fit well with the new lifestyle and customer requirements as they change post the pandemic. VIGI’s industrial-grade smart cameras for businesses are equipped with high-security features that prove the evolution in this space.

What are the latest trends and technologies in the surveillance camera industry?

Video surveillance systems are increasingly integrating AI in order to help collect meaningful data from the footage that can help establish meaningful patterns and transform them into insights to predict future anomalies. Video surveillance is incorporating IoT solutions that help comprehend even minute changes in the daily feed and can trigger alerts to mark the change. Relying only on a physical, in-house storage solution is becoming a thing of the past as cloud-based surveillance systems are much more useful. Several government and private level organizations have rolled out surveillance initiatives during the past two years to help limit the spread of the virus and lookout for intruders. The pandemic is propelling us digital-dominated future, making security and surveillance – remote monitoring, cloud-based, and AI-enabled cameras – a key focus area for all. With features like smart detection, remote monitoring, live and playback viewing options, our VIGI solutions aim to make video surveillance easier than it has ever been.

What are some of the key benefits of adopting smart video surveillance?

During this pandemic, offices that had to cut back on human resources saw smart video surveillance as a huge boon that helped to protect their office infrastructure, keep trespassers away, and even ensure that citizens abide by all Covid-Protocols. Even small-scale businesses are rapidly beginning to see the benefits of using video surveillance for smoother operations. Surveillance cameras like the ones offered by VIGI now come with active tamper detection capabilities and alert owners about any alterations made to the camera including lens blockage, video feed tampering, damage, and more, in real-time. Tamper detection helps generate prompt alerts that can be monitored and fixed instantaneously to provide tighter security and improved safety.

What should one consider while selecting video surveillance systems?

Factors like recurring cost of bandwidth should be considered in detail while selecting a video surveillance system, because that is often overlooked and can sometimes become the most significant contributor to overall costs. Another factor to consider is the increasing storage costs – find solutions that offer camera-wise recording flexibility and other capabilities that optimize storage. Centralized management control is another factor to keep in mind because enterprises require systems that allow monitoring of multiple devices without a server, e-map monitoring, and integration to save server costs. One should remember to invest in a video surveillance system that notifies immediately when issues like storage failure or camera disconnect occur. VIGI has developed a complete range of seamless, smart and secure surveillance solutions to help cater to various business security needs.

What are some of your futuristic video surveillance solutions?

Our latest video surveillance product range includes network cameras like Tapo C110, Tapo C210, Tapo C320WS cameras, and our new smart security management solution VIGI Security Manager. Tapo C110 and C210 are both ultra-high-definition video cameras that record every image in ultra-high 3MP definition and come with advanced night vision to provide a visual distance of up to 30 feet. They are equipped with smart motion detection and notifications capabilities along with a Sound and Light Alarm that can trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors. The Tapo C320WS is an ultra-high-definition outdoor video camera that records every image in crystal-clear 4MP definition and even delivers full colour even in night vision. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make things more seamless.

Aside from security, what kind of benefits can surveillance systems bring to businesses?

With artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities, a sharper, safer and better technology is being embedded in video surveillance systems. The use of AI and analytics in video surveillance systems like VIGI’s not just tightens security dramatically, but also improves productivity as a regular security guard’s attention capacity can decrease after some time, but that won’t be the case with a video surveillance camera. Moreover, the use of behavioral analytics with these surveillance systems can help ensure women safety at the workplace tracking its employees and providing instant alerts.

Another benefit is time saving as smart surveillance solutions greatly help in reducing the time spent on surveillance and improving the quality of security – they enable operators to devote lesser time on monitoring and more time towards acting on the actionable incidents. Cost-saving is another big positive outcome of smart video surveillance systems that use AI and analytics.

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