Huawei Watch Fit launches in the UAE

The Huawei Watch Fit boasts a 1.64-inch Stylish HD screen, 10 days battery life and a myriad of health and fitness features

Josh Richards  •  August 26, 2020

Huawei Watch Fit launches in the UAE

Huawei has today announced the launch of its latest fitness watch, Huawei Watch Fit. Huawei’s first ever smart sports watch with a stylish large HD rounded rectangular face and a 10 day battery life, the Huawei Watch Fit helps users in keeping track of their health with health tracking features and encourages them to get into new forms of exercise through a variety of animated fitness courses and workout modes.

Available from September 3rd, 2020, Huawei’s latest fitness watch challenges users to style up their fitness as they reframe their outlook on their own performance and the world around them.

Huawei Watch Fit is Huawei’s first ever smart sports watch, with a rounded rectangular face. Measuring 1.64 inches, the large yet perfectly proportioned AMOLED HD display allows consumers to engage with animated fitness courses and other unique features.

With ultra-slim bezels, users can enjoy the dazzling and colourful display with minimal distractions. The display also boasts 326 PPI and 16.7 million colour gamut for an immersive visual experience.

The watch offers over 130 different watch face design options through Huawei’s Watch Face Store. Users can personalise their watch faces with their own photo albums synced directly from their smartphones, and they can choose which data is on display according to their own needs. The always-on display offers six standby watch faces so users can tell the time at a glance.

Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit

Weighing just 34g, the Huawei Watch Fit offers strap colour options including Mint Green, Sakura Pink and Graphite Black give consumers the power to express themselves as they mix and match their looks. The breathable strap design works in tandem with long-lasting battery life to ensure users can wear the watch for days.

Battery life

The Huawei Watch Fit continues Huawei’s trend of long lasting battery life in its wearable devices. On a single charge, it can last up to 10 days long. This is attributed to high-efficiency chipset and smart power-saving algorithms. Additionally, the watch also supports Huawei’s fast charging technology. One five-minute charge can sustain the smartwatch for an entire day of typical use, while just half an hour will charge the battery to 70%.

Health tracking

Huawei Watch Fit offers comprehensive health tracking features such as through heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring.

The comprehensive health tracking features include SpO2 monitoring and stress level monitoring to ensure users have all the data they need to keep their mind at ease. SpO2 monitoring helps users keep track of blood oxygen saturation, while stress level monitoring offers breathing exercises to help users relax.

Huawei TruSleep 2.0 delivers sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep respiration quality and big data analysis on the new watch. It intelligently recognises when the user falls asleep and wakes up, using this data to present a comprehensive sleep analysis which shows the different stages such as light sleep, deep sleep, REM and wakefulness.

Harnessing Huawei’s AI technology, it can accurately identify six typical sleep problems including difficulty falling asleep, light sleeping, restlessness, early awakening, too many dreams, and an irregular work and rest schedule.

Using this data and analysis, Huawei Watch Fit provides hundreds of sleep improvement suggestions and personalised sleep services. Combined with the long-lasting battery life, this means users can track their sleep every night to improve their health.

Huawei’s proprietary TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology allows it to support intelligent background heart rate monitoring, displaying users’ current resting heart rate in addition to an infographic showing how their heart rate changed over the last 24 hours. It also provides an abnormal heart rate alert function, which notifies users when their continuous resting heart rate is too high or too low.

Fitness Tracking

The new Huawei Watch Fit offers intelligent features specifically designed to help users work out anytime, anywhere.

This is Huawei’s first smartwatch to support an animated personal trainer covering 12 workout courses including 44 posture demonstrations. The individually animated fitness courses gives users free one-on-one personal training without the need for a smartphone or any other device.

Bite-sized strength training, abdominal workouts and other exercises can help users to exercise at home even if they are pushed for time.  Additionally, ‘stand up reminders’ further remind users to stay active, prompting them to move if they sit for longer than three minutes.

For those wanting to track their performance in detail, the watch supports 96 workout modes with advanced data tracking. 11 professional workout modes cover the most popular exercise types, including running, walking, cycling, swimming and more. A further 85 workout modes, including fitness training, dancing, ball games, water sports, winter sports and extreme sports, ensure consumers are covered no matter how niche their athletic interests are.

Users can easily select their favourite workout mode to record their performance, with the smart sensors detecting heart rate, heart rate interval, calories, exercise time and other data.

Smart experience

In addition to these features, the watch also comes with intelligent features for an overall smarter life experience. This includes incoming call and message reminders, a remote camera shutter and even music playback control. All of these features, paired with the 10 day long battery life make it a smartwatch worth looking out for.

Price and Availability

HUAWEI WATCH FIT will be available in Mint Green, Sakura Pink and Graphite Black starting September 3rd, 2020 at Huawei e-shop, experience stores and across select retailers in the UAE for price of 399AED, with free 6 months screen protection warranty for single screen damage replacement.

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