Call of Duty Mobile: Aiming for the perfect streak

Emil Aloysius  •  February 05, 2020

Call of Duty Mobile: Aiming for the perfect streak

Call of Duty Mobile, one of the fastest-growing multiplayer games, which broke some records during its October launch, reaching 35 million downloads in three days and 100 million in its first week.

Google Play announced ‘best overall mobile game of 2019’. It also won the users’ choice award and a spot in the best five competitive games.

There are multiple online modes which can be chosen alongside other players across the globe, with your friends. With the recent addition of a Zombie Mode & updated maps, the game offers an epic catalogue of content.

The game offers three gameplay modes:

Battle Royale – An open-world map like Fortnite
Multiplayer – Where you can add people and battle against other online players

In the past, I have not been frequent mobile gamer myself, up until the release of Call of Duty Mobile. Whether you are seasoned Call of Duty veteran or just starting, there is always a new trick to learn. Without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead of your opponents.

Tweaking Sensitivity:

First of all – Turn off the auto shoot setting, you don’t necessarily need it. Unless you are playing the Zombie mode, playing on Auto shoot mode ruins the whole experience, as each weapon in the game has its own unique gameplay feel and experience.

I personally use the sensitivity settings shown in the picture below. A medium-higher sensitivity means you can pan across the screen, easily following players who move around. If you are a sniper, or someone who prefers an assault rifle, the setting can add a few more extra kills.

The Near-Perfect Setup:

Not to brag or anything, but the current personal settings I use seem to be the sweet spot. Using four different types of assault rifles & one sniper (just in case), you are going to be sorted for most game modes in the game. Listed below are the rifles & snipers in case you want to try out:

Assault Rifles:

• Type 25
• AK117
• AKS-74U


• Arctic.50 (Change the annoyingly large scope to a smaller one which is only possible in the normal rifle)
• XPR-50

The Secondary & Assists:

  • Scythe – A machine gun (something which Rambo would use)
  • War Machine – Grenade launcher (annoying if the other team has it)
  • Gravity Spiker – pretty good one-time energy wave weapon to use, if you are surrounded.

With a reliable primary weapon, you need a good secondary and complementing perks to progress further in the game.

The secondary weapon that I tend to lean on for most load-outs, is the SMRS Rocket Launcher. For the Operator skills, there are a few good suggestions that I recommended:

With any gun you obtain in the game, upgrades are a must to match your enemies. There are a few setups you can choose; however, the below setup is what I prefer to use no matter which assault rifle (and most weapons) I select.

  • Red Dot Sight-AR – Preferred scope
  • Quick Draw-AR – Help increase your moving speed while aiming
  • Foregrip-AR – Reduces Recoil
  • FMJ-AR – This perk is what shoots through walls and flanks your enemies


A landmine takes care of the job along with a smoke grenade.
Perks: In this option, you have quite a lot of options to choose from. Below mentioned is my setup:

• Fast Recover – Increases health by 35%
• Ghost – Enemy UAVs (radars) cannot reveal your position
• Hardline – Increases points by 25%

These tips are based on my personal experience and will vary for most of the users. I currently use a Samsung S10 Plus for gaming. Let us know which device you use and if our tips helped you improve your gaming experience on Call of Duty Mobile.

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