GDGT joins Dubai Games Conference as Media Partner

Junaid Yawar  •  June 08, 2020

GDGT joins Dubai Games Conference as Media Partner

Dubai Games Conference – DGC is taking place 21-23 June “Live” this year. Video Game Developers, Influencers including Vloggers & Youtubers such as the likes of Ahmed Al Nasheet of Dvlzgame & Mo Vlogs to name a few.

The event will be running from 11:00 – 23:00 every day. This will be the 4th year for DGC to take place bringing together a plethora of companies such as IBM, Google, Valve, Nvidia, IGN, and many more.

Live B2B Meeting Platform

Schedule and conduct live video meetings with 1000+ global and regional companies from your screen. Create your digital expo space with your company profile, videos, demos as the event runs for three days. GDC promises to allow companies to deliver your

Message directly to key business counterparts, establishing your business goals with your most promising prospects in the heart MENA region’s gaming and around the world.

Dubai Games Conference
Image Credit : DGC

Who Can You Expect To Meet At GDC

Digital Games Industry Experts & Leaders

Where the world’s top game industry professional come to network, sign deals, learn about new products and grow their business

VAS Service Providers

Monetize and discover growth audiences, acquire direct access to MENA regions booming end-user market. DGC Games is the VAS / Publishers ideal meeting place

Leading game developers and platforms

From around the world and from the MENA region, whether you are a publisher, a brand, or an agency, access the information you need, to take you to the forefront of gaming.

Content Licencing

Access a world of third-party content for games licensing and beyond. Given the burgeoning MENA region’s games market, now is time to get up to date with the latest content licensing deals.

Dubai Games Conference
Image Credit : DGC | Dubai Games Conference

Agencies, Investors and Organizations

DGC Games is the meeting place to do investment deals, access grants and create collaborations with leading Agencies, Investors & Organizations form the MENA region and around the world – looking to be part of the explosive growth in digital games


With the massive growth seen by digital games in the world of entertainment, brand owners are turning to games to further their own products. DGC will offer brands, advertising, and marketing agencies the ideal platform to meet with developers and licensors, offing the perfect opportunity to become introduced to the gaming industry.

For more information on ticket pricing and list of sponsors, speakers & attendees don’t forget to visit the DGC website here.

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