Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: A Resounding Rumor

Junaid Yawar  •  June 11, 2020

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: A Resounding Rumor

Looking back at Mass Effect and its appeal as a series, I felt compelled to do a “Retrospective Review For Mass Effect Andromeda” earlier, which turned out to be quite insightful. Looking at how we see the series now in 2020 after multiples patches to fix the facial animation glitches and confirmation of no Story DLC – like the Turian Arc in Andromeda became even more compelling.

Mass Effect 1 released back in 2007 and the series’s need for a revival has been vocally requested now more than ever,especially the largely voiced discontent with the last two offerings by Bioware & EA. Some may call it the equivalent to the #SnyderCut movement, where passionate, mostly Mass Effect Hardcore fans want better.

It is no secret or biased opinion when discussing the financial and critical performance for the last Mass Effect game that is Andromeda, and its successor, although not being a ME game – Anthem. Both of them have been hugely underwhelming financially and reception, which is in stark contrast to the well-received original first three Mass Effect games.

Recent murmurs which originated a few months ago with EA informing us that some older games were in their pipeline to be remastered, have been aggressively and constantly popping up on various websites, Reddit forums, and social media.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster
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Last year EA commented on not being interested in remasters, but recently they have hinted at not entirely being ‘uninterested’ in remasters. This flip-flopping back and forth and keeping quiet on remasters seemed okay up until recently, but the flurry of articles and industry insiders constantly saying a remaster is due, even possibly this fall 2020, have reached a banshee level scream and fuelled a strong possibility of it being correct.

Take all of this with a pinch of salt, rumours in 2020 have become a tradition where articles surface after media companies report on them continuously, possibly due to having an inside source. The website which reported this is GameReactor among others such as VentureBeat & Comic book.

The reason why these rumors might have some weight is the fact that gamers have been demanding for a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster on current-gen consoles such as PS4 / Xbox One & Nintendo Switch since 2017.

While E3 2020 is not happening due to the Covid-19 situation, EA’s Digital event, EA’s Play Event, is happening on 19 June 2020, 3 AM Gulf Standard Time. Announcements & News can be on, Anthem as EA/Bioware try to revive the almost stagnant series along with Dragon Age 4 about which we have barely heard, followed by the usual hugely popular litany of EA titles such as Fifa, Madden.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster
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Do We Really Need A Remaster/Remake?

PC gamers and people tired of Remasters might feel that we don’t need another Remaster/Remake, since the existence of various mods in the PC community which can alter and improve visuals, gameplay to an extend and some user created storylines.

What they might not be considering is that the Mass Effect Trilogy, along with it’s DLCs, is a massive RPG which easily provides the player over 30-60 Hours of gameplay for each game. Furthermore, with a long list of DLCs and the ability to replay the game as either a good walkthrough of ‘Paragon’ or a bad ‘Renegade’ one, even a mix of both, can provide 100+ hours of enjoyment.

The first three games have been exceptionally praised for their character development of companions who become possible allies, an option very few games can replicate, one of the reasons for Mass Effect’s universal acclaim among users and critics. Mass Effect 3 was also notable for having an engaging Multiplayer element that ended up being very profitable for EA with some players spending upwards of $15000 on Multiplayer cards!

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster
The Mass Effect Universe
Credit : Petition For A Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

As exciting as this news might sound to fans or people who would like to play the sereis on current gen, do tread on this news lightly and not get your hopes up so high, this Remaster has been long time coming and is a matter of time when it does.

It’s just that EA/Bioware have been so lazy to address it, looking at the fandom and hashtags such as #MassEffectTrilogyNeedsARemaster trending on Instagram & Twitter since the disaster of Andromeda (2017) and then Anthem, it’s bound to be a financially sound move for EA.

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