Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new trailer shows a beautiful winter world

Abey Mascreen  •  January 03, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new trailer shows a beautiful winter world

Microsoft released a new teaser of Microsoft Flight Simulator, where we can see the world covered with snow. A video a few months ago detailed how the sim will pull in real-world weather data, right down to wind speed, pressure, and humidity, and it looks like the simulation can handle accumulated snow, as well.

From the cities to vast forests, isolated towns to a huge view from the cockpit of a plane, it’s quite a relaxing bit of footage so sit back and enjoy.

The game, developed by French team Asobo Studio, will pull massive amounts of data (2+ petabytes) from Bing Maps via the cloud while Microsoft’s Azure AI uses photogrammetry to generate literally photorealistic models of the real Earth. Real-time weather data will be used as well, so you can expect to be flying in a storm if you’re somewhere in the world where there is actually a storm going on at that same time. Physics is also reportedly very realistic, which makes sense since this is a simulator game after all.

The developers also revealed a while ago that support for Virtual Reality devices on PC is something that’s a ‘high priority’, while ray tracing support is already in. Microsoft Flight Simulator shouldn’t be that taxing on your system, either, thanks to the scalable engine.

 It is spectacular and reaches new levels of photorealism. As a consequence, flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator should be pure pleasure.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released this year on PC and Xbox One. However, the exact release date is not known. The title will be available both in the traditional distribution system and in the Xbox Game Pass service.

However, some people do not have to wait for the official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator to experience the title in person. Selected individuals have already received invitations to test the game. The only requirements were to sign up for the Insider Program, you can still do it here.

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