Exclusive interview with Viewsonic on home entrainment projectors

We had the opportunity to interview Ali Kloub, Senior Regional Product & Sales Manager at ViewSonic MEA to learn more about their home entrainment projectors

GDGTME Team  •  March 11, 2022

Exclusive interview with Viewsonic on home entrainment projectors

1. How are projectors changing the present and the future of the home entertainment experience?

Smart LED projectors changed the complete concept of home cinema experience, especially with LED technology that provides an amazing quality of colors which enhance customer’s visual experience. In addition to that a smart projector is usually a portable device that combines the latest display technologies with smart integrated functionality. The latest generation will connect with your mobile devices, home network, and content services for a seamless viewing experience, also ViewSonic is the first brand to integrate Harman/Kardon speaker, Smart TV functions, and have 360 degrees stand design into projector which will make you amazed at what these features will do for your viewing experience.

So, smart LED projectors can do everything a smart TV can do but on a much bigger screen. These projectors are defined by their portable design, small product size which utilize minimal space at the room, lamp-free technology meaning no parts to be changed, voice control, app integration, and streaming functionality, which makes user life easier in a myriad of ways.

2. What is driving this change in customer behavior towards home cinema and large-screen entertainment?

First thing that drives the change in customer behavior, is the practicality of use or “user friendly “product design & connectivity, such as connecting your device to Wi-Fi and to other smart product which nowadays we depend on them heavily for work, education, and entertainment.

In addition to that, many users prefer to use projectors with their kids, as its healthier for the eyes since the reflection of the light is not direct to the kid’s eyes, like in TV’s. Also, users enjoy having a large screen with small room space which is easy to install and remove at any time.

3. What are the new features and specs are to be anticipated in projectors, and how will they be an upgrade from what is currently available?

For ViewSonic’s smart projectors the main feature is using the latest LED technology which provides the best quality of colors and longest life time ( up to 30,000 hours ) , also all models comes with built in Harman Kardon / JBL speakers, so user can enjoy superior sound quality with additional features such as built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, Smart TV Portable design, LED light source, USB plug and play, USB-C , Auto Focus, Auto Keystone, different ranges of lumens based on what are the user needs, App store, voice control, Streaming apps, Short throw & Eye protection. For example , currently we are offering ViewSonic X1000-4K+ LED Ultra Short Throw Smart Projector with 40 Watt Integrated Harman Kardon soundbar, this device alone can replace most of the users existing home theatre system.

4. What is your market share in the region in the projector segments and what is your strategy to grow this further in 2022?

Currently we are Top 2 in UAE & Middle East region , and in some countries in the region ViewSonic market share is ranked as number 1. If we look back two years ago, we were out of the Top 10 brand market share and now we are among the Top 2 which is a tremendous progress, and this is only in the B2C segment. As for 2022-year goal, we would continue our success in B2C and grow our market share and extend this progress to B2B segment too.

5. Does ViewSonic projectors cater to gamers and if yes, what are the advantages they get from a screen?

Absolutely, many of our customers are using ViewSonic projectors for gaming such as PX706HD, M2, X100-4K+ & X1000-4K+, and the main reason is to enjoy the experience of gaming on a bigger screen with immersive colors and sound system. Yet when it comes to refresh and response rate, its more advanced with professional gaming monitors such as ELITE and OMNI  monitors from ViewSonic, especially if we are talking about professional gamers then they need reliable monitors to provide the needed speed, response and colors clarity.

We would like to thank Ali Kloub for his time in answering our questions!

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