PlayStation Black Friday Sale Guide 2020: Best PS5 & PS4 Deals

Great deals that are an absolute bang for your buck!

PlayStation Black Friday Sale Guide 2020: Best PS5 & PS4 Deals

There’s one common factor that connects every single one of us here today: great games and even better deals. We’ve all been saving up for the past few months for the biggest sale of the year — Black Friday (or Mega Weekend Sale as it’s called here). We all know what you’re here for, to know whether controlling that uncontrollable urge to buy that hyped game at launch was actually worth any of the wait. So let’s cut right to the chase, and get to the greatest deals that are an absolute bang for your buck:

*Note: This list will be updated as new deals go live.*


Borderlands 3 (PS4 & PS5)$16.79/AED 61.70 (72% off)$59.99/AED 128.60 PlayStation Store 
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War UAE Version (PS5) $72.85/AED 267.50(11% off)$81.40/AED 299Amazon
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time$38.99/AED 143.25(35% off)$59.99/AED 128.60 PlayStation Store
Demon Souls (PS5)$64.80/AED 238(39% off)$106.50/AED 391Noon
F1 2020 $31.49/AED 115.70 (50% off)$62.99/AED 231.40PlayStation Store
FIFA 21 Champions Edition (PS4 & PS5)$35.19/AED 129.30 (56% off)$62.99/AED 293.80 PlayStation Store 
Ghost of Tsushima$44.72/AED 164.30(29% off)$62.99/AED 231.40PlayStation Store
Ghostrunner$25.49/AED 93.65 (25% off)$33.99/AED 124.85PlayStation Store
Marvel’s Avengers (PS4 & PS5)$29.99/AED 110.20(50% off)$59.99/AED 220.35PlayStation Store
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered$29.99/AED 110.20(25% off)$39.99/AED 146.90 PlayStation Store
No Man’s Sky (PS4 & PS5)$22.49/AED 82.60(50% off)$44.99/AED 165.25PlayStation Store
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5)$52.60/AED 193(28% off)$73.50/AED 270Noon
Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Ultimate Edition (PS5)$61.80/AED 227(19% off)$76/AED 279Amazon
STAR WARS: Squadrons$24.79/AED 91.10(38% off)$39.99/AED 146.90 PlayStation Store
UFC 4 $38.39/AED 141(36% off)$59.99/AED 220.35PlayStation Store
Watch Dogs: Legion (PS4 & PS5)$38.99/AED 143.25(35% off)$59.99/AED 220.35PlayStation Store


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Deluxe Edition$17.99/AED 66 (76% off)$74.99/AED 275.50  PlayStation Store 
Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition$17.89/AED 47.35 (57% off)$29.99/AED 110.20 PlayStation Store 
Control: Ultimate Edition$22.49/AED 82.60(50% off)$44.99/AED 165.25 PlayStation Store
DOOM Eternal$20.78/AED 76.35 (76% off)$62.99/AED 231.40 PlayStation Store 
God of WarNow: $8.99/AED 33.10 (50% off)$17.99/AED 66 PlayStation Store 
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition$26.99/AED 99.15(40% off)$44.99/AED 165.30PlayStation Store
Need for Speed Heat$17.39/AED 63.90 (71% off)$59.99/AED 220.40 PlayStation Store
Persona 5$29.99/AED 100.20 (50% off)$59.99/AED 220.40 PlayStation Store 
Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition$27.99/AED 102.85 (65% off)$49.99/AED 293.85 PlayStation Store 
RESIDENT 7 Biohazard$8.99/AED 33 (50% off)$17.99/AED 66 PlayStation Store 
Uncharted 4 $8.99/AED 33(50% off)$17.99/AED 66 PlayStation Store 
Witcher 3:Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition$13.99/AED 49.60 (70% off) $44.99/AED 165.25 PlayStation Store 
PlayStation Black Friday/Mega Weekend Sale 2020: Best PS5 & PS4 Deals
God of War — 50% off | PlayStation Black Friday Sale 2020


Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection$17.99/AED 66 (64% off)$49.99/AED 183.65PlayStation Store 
Batman Arkham Collection$13.49/AED 84.50 (58% off) $34.99/AED 128.60 PlayStation Store
DEAD RISING Triple Bundle Pack$17.99/AED 66.10 (84% off)$59.99/AED 220.40PlayStation Store
Devil May Cry HD Collection & 4SE Bundle$27.49/AED 101 (50% off) $54.99/AED 202PlayStation Store 
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 + 2$13.49/AED 49.60 (70% off) $79.99/AED 293.80 PlayStation Store 
Hitman HD Enhanced Collection$20.39/AED 74.90 (70% off) $67.99/AED 249.75 PlayStation Store 
Infamous Second Son + First Light$11.60/AED 42.60 (57% off)$26.99/AED 99.15PlayStation Store 
Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition$10.65/AED 39(86% off)$79.99/AED 293.90Amazon
Raccoon City Edition (RESIDENT EVIL 2+3)$28.79/AED 105.75 (76% off) $71.99/AED 264.50 PlayStation Store 
Skyrim Special Edition + Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. Bundle$28.79/AED 105.75 (60% off) $71.99/AED 264.50 PlayStation Store 
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts + SGW3 Unlimited Edition$22.99/AED 84.50 (58% off) $54.99/AED 202PlayStation Store 
Spyro Reignited Trilogy $13.99/AED 51.38 (65% off)$39.99/AED 146.90 PlayStation Store 
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2$29.99/AED 110.20(25% off)$39.99/AED 146.90 PlayStation Store
PlayStation Black Friday/Mega Weekend Sale 2020: Best PS5 & PS4 Deals
Infamous Second Son + First Light — 57% off |PlayStation Black Friday Sale 2020


A Plague Tale: Innocence$14.99/AED 55.10 (70% off)$49.99/AED 183.65PlayStation Store 
ARK: Survival Evolved$9.99/AED 36.70(80% off)$49.99/AED 183.65 PlayStation Store 
Assassin’s Creed Origins Deluxe Edition$13.99/AED 52.40 (70% off)$29.99/AED 257.10 PlayStation Store 
Beyond: Two SoulsNow: $8.99/AED 32 (67% off)$26.99/AED 99.15PlayStation Store 
Civilization VI $17.99/AED 66(70% off)$59.99/AED 220.35PlayStation Store 
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled$31.99/AED 51.40 (65% off) $39.99/AED 146.90  PlayStation Store 
DARK SOULS III $11.24/AED 41.30 (75% off)$44.99/AED 165.25PlayStation Store 
Dishonored 2$10.10/AED 37(44% off)$17.99/AED 66Amazon
Dying Light $9.44/AED 34.70(73% off)$34.99/AED 128.60PlayStation Store 
Far Cry 5$13.19/AED 48.50 (78% off)$59.99/AED 220.40PlayStation Store 
Far Cry New Dawn$14.99/AED 55(63% off) $54.99/AED 202 PlayStation Store 
HITMAN 2 – Gold Edition$17.99/AED 66 (80% off)$89.99/AED 330.60PlayStation Store 
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition$9.50/AED 35(53% off)$17.99/AED 66 Amazon
JUMP FORCE $17.99/AED 66(71% off)$62.99/AED 293.80PlayStation Store 
Just Cause 4 – Complete Edition$15.74/AED 57.90 (75% off)$62.99/AED 293.80 PlayStation Store 
Lords of the Fallen$2.87/AED 10.55(84% off)$17.99/AED 66.10 PlayStation Store 
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite$27.49/AED 32.15 (75% off)$34.99/AED 128.60PlayStation Store 
Megaman 11 $1.91/AED 7(98% off)$29.99/AED110.20Amazon
Metro Exodus$11.54/AED 42.40 (67% off)$34.99/AED 128.60PlayStation Store 
Overcooked$4.99/AED 18.35(75% off)$19.99/AED 73.50 PlayStation Store 
Past Cure$6.80/AED 25(77% off)$29.99/AED 110.20Amazon
Ratchet & Clank$8.20/AED 30$17.99/AED 66Noon
Shadow of the Collossus$8.74/AED 32.15 (75% off)Original Price: $34.99/AED 128.60PlayStation Store 
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order$25.79/AED 94.75 (57% off)$59.99/AED 220.35 PlayStation Store 
The Crew 2$13.35/AED 48.95(73%)$49.99/AED 183.65Noon
THE DIVISION 2$9.89/AED 36.35(67% off) $29.99/AED 110.15 PlayStation Store 
The Outer Worlds$19.79/AED 72.70 (67% off)$59.99/AED 220.35PlayStation Store 
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition$8.99/AED 33.10(70% off) $29.99/AED 110.20 PlayStation Store  
Vampyr$8.74/AED 32 (75% off)$34.99/AED 128.60 PlayStation Store 
What Remains of Edith Finch$6.89/AED 25.35(70% off) $22.99/AED 84.50 PlayStation Store 
Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Deluxe Edition$10.49/AED 38.60 (70% off) $34.99/AED 128.60 PlayStation Store 
Black Friday
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition — 53% off | PlayStation Black Friday Sale 2020


Batman: Arkham VR$8.74/AED 42.25 (50% off)$22.99/AED 84.50PlayStation Store 
Everybody’s Golf VR$11.60/AED 42.60 (57% off)$26.99/AED 99.15PlayStation Store 
Marvel’s Iron Man VR$26.24/AED 96.40(25% off)$34.99/AED 128.60PlayStation Store
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR$20.78/AED 76.35 (67% off)$62.99/AED 293.80 PlayStation Store 
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners $31.49/AED 115.70 (30% off)$44.99/AED 165.30PlayStation Store
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood$6.89/AED 25.70 (65% off)$19.99/AED 73.50PlayStation Store 
Black Friday
Marvel’s Iron Man VR — 25% off | PlayStation Black Friday Sale 2020


DualSense Charging Station $135/AED 36.80N/AAmazon
DualSense Controller (UAE Version)$83.35/AED 305.99(3% off)$85.80/AED 315Amazon
DualShock 4 w/ FIFA 20 + NBA Playgrounds 2$81.40/AED 299(21% off)$103/AED 378Geekay Games
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB $440.80/AED 1619N/ANoon
PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB $266.60/AED 979(30% off)$380.90/AED 1399Noon
PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Bundle w/ (Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, DriveClub)$312.60/AED 1148N/AAmazon
Playstation 5 HD Camera$74.90/AED 275(4% off)$78.70/AED 289Noon
PlayStation 5 Media Remote (UAE Version)$135/AED 36.80N/AAmazon
PlayStation Portable 3000 Slim$115.75/AED 425(54% off)$252.40/AED 927Noon
PlayStation Black Friday/Mega Weekend Sale 2020: Best PS5 & PS4 Deals
DualSense Controller — 3% off

Seeing a game on sale and wondering whether it’s worth giving it a shot? Our game reviews may help you make the decision, check them out by clicking here.

Don’t see your favourite game listed? Check back again tomorrow for our updated list.

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