10 Tips & Tricks to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro

Gaming video are gaining popularity in recent times like never before. Here are 10 tips and tricks to outperform your competitors by creating gaming videos like a pro.

GDGTME Team  •  March 07, 2022

10 Tips & Tricks to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro

Ever since the pandemic hit, the number of views on online gaming videos has multiplied every passing second. The year 2020 alone has gifted a whopping 1.2 billion views on gaming videos, which is roughly 18% more than 2019. It is needless to say that 2020 was a revolutionary year for the gaming industry that has pushed forward the number of views forever. People started showing interest in watching live streams, and the demands are high in 2022 too.

Hence, if you have not commenced your gaming videos yet, you can do it now. However, you must create high-quality videos to survive in this highly competitive gaming world. And the lifeline you have to ace your gaming channel strategy is generating quality content with pro-level video editing skills. 

A user drops the idea of watching a video within a few initial seconds. Hence, the time you have to win their attention is as short as their attention span. To get the attention of viewers, you have to go through a tough and time-consuming process called video editing.

Video editing is the same as playing a game; you can either be a pro at it or a noob. There is nothing in between. However, the best part about video editing is the help you can get from online video editors and the steps mentioned in this blog. Keep reading as this blog will unveil some of the most amazing tips and tricks to make you a pro in the video editing process. 

1. Quality of the game video footage

Before you start editing your video, you must make sure that you have professionally captured game video footage. By professionally captured video, we intend to point at a video that is free from any kind of disturbing pop-ups or lags. Video quality is the fundamental deciding factor, and hence, you must ensure the proper functioning of your computer. A PC with 1080p resolution at a 60 FPS is most suitable for your gaming channel needs. 

2. A Great Video Editor is a must.

There are plenty of inline video editors that will let you create exciting videos at a reasonable price. Make a list of your requirements, such as audio-video synchronisation, effects and transitions, voice overlays etc., and select the game video editor to create a flawless gaming video of your choice. Editing a video is not as difficult as it may sound. All you need is the right video editor, which helps you do it smoothly and perfectly within minutes. 

3. Colour and Saturation play a role.

An aesthetically pleasing video not only encourages a user to watch the video, but also to subscribe to your channel. A great video can turn a random viewer into a fan. And to achieve those aesthetics, the ultimate strategy is to edit the colour and adjust the saturation level of your footage. Nevertheless, we suggest trying every element out, such as 15%, 10%, or 30%, previewing it, and then choosing what suits your video the best. 

4. The video’s length determines perfection.

The right video length exists between the shorter, the better, and the more, the merrier. It is so because you can only tell what part of your footage will attract a user the most. Don’t upload lengthy videos with unnecessary narratives. Break your videos into chapters/parts and then edit and modify them as per the content quality and intriguing shots. While uploading your video on YouTube, you can even break your video into several parts to keep it crisp, captivating, and entertaining.  

5. Good quality microphones and cameras are the magic makers.

A great video is like magic, and this magic has two impeccable magicians behind the curtains, called microphones and cameras. Unfortunately, despite being most crucial, this element of a perfect video is highly neglected. The best strategy to win more views and audience is to make sure you provide nothing but the best to your audience. The best does not mean using low-quality graphics, audio, and video. Hence, high-quality microphones and cameras are your go-to and magical tools to create perfect videos in no time. 

6. Clear your vision.

Your goal helps you decide what kind of video you must create. Your goal can be getting subscribers or endorsing a brand/product, and having your goals clear in your mind will make it easier for you to design a strategy to achieve those goals.

7. Quality of effects and transitions should not be ignored.

Impressive effects and transitions beautify your video and keep it interesting irrespective of its size. Almost every online video editor will provide you with a wide array of effects. Transitions and effects can add and enhance the appeal of your video but can also make it look unprofessional and unpleasant. Hence, don’t overuse the effects and transitions. 

8. Audio overlays 

Nothing could be more irritating for a user than desynchronized audio-video and no sound effects in a gaming video. The ideal audio overlay can be adding voice commentary to your video. While recording audio, make sure to use high-quality gaming headphones to add charm to your gaming video. 

9. Add relevant thumbnail

One mistake every YouTuber commits is clickbaiting. The ramifications of clickbait are uncountable, but most significantly, it pushes your viewers away forever. To win audience attention and views, you can use text in your thumbnails with the excited facial expressions you have on your face while playing games. Thumbnails are the best, most exciting, and most compelling way to get more views and likes. 

10. Draft an efficient video editing plan

A video editing process consists of several steps and sub-steps involved. The plethora of stages often leads you to the path of confusion when you edit a video. To get rid of such muddles, keeping your videos and shots organised and making a roadmap is advised. 

Every day, a new streamer and gaming video creator enters this creative world of YouTube and other streaming platforms. A well-planned strategy and excellent video editing skills are the two most crucial strengths you must have to stand out in the crowd. The above-mentioned steps will pave the path for you to push the limits of creativity and establish yourself soundly as a pro editor and gamer. Follow these steps and win the love of your audience. But don’t hesitate to try something new. Just be original and enjoy what you do

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