NAVO Apex Pro Max UltraWeave Review

NAVO Apex Pro Max UltraWeave Review: offers excellent back support, a wide adjustability, and a comfortable, utilitarian, fabric design.

Gadgets  •  June 18, 2024

NAVO: Transforming Ergonomic Living

NAVO's evolution from Navodesk symbolizes a paradigm shift from office-centric furniture to a holistic approach to ergonomic living.

Gadgets  •  November 24, 2023

Navodesk Apex Chair Nexus Edition Review

The Navodesk Apex Chair Nexus Edition Review: top-of-the-line features, delivering a premium gaming experience that stands out in the market.

Gadgets  •  August 08, 2023

Navodesk Desk Hub Pro Review

The Navodesk Desk Hub Review: a must-have accessory for anyone looking to streamline their desk setup and power management.

Gadgets  •  May 27, 2023

Navodesk: Dubai’s first Ergonomic Brand

Navodesk, one of Dubai’s first Ergonomic Brand that is quickly gaining popularity among individuals and businesses alike.

Gadgets  •  March 07, 2023

Navodesk APEX Chair Review

Navodesk Apex Chair review: a top-of-the-line ergonomic gaming chair that offers a wide range of features for optimal comfort and support.

Gadgets  •  January 24, 2023

Navodesk HALO Chair Review

The Navodesk HALO Chair is a BIFMA certified, highly-adujstable chair designed to better your posture and improve productivity.

Gadgets  •  June 19, 2022

Navodesk Desk Hub Hands-on Review

The Navodesk Desk Hub works great for home, office and workstation setups. It provides USB charging while powering external hardware.

PC & Hardware  •  April 10, 2022

Navodesk ICON Chair Review

The Navodesk ICON Chair is a BIFMA certified premium gaming & office chair designed to better your posture. Read our review!

Gadgets  •  June 05, 2021

Navodesk Smart Standing Desk Review

If you’re looking to upgrade your workspace, the Navodesk Smart Standing Desk is definitely worth checking out. Read our review!

Gadgets  •  February 04, 2021

An exclusive interview with Mohamed Saim from Navodesk, UAE-based smart furniture brand

Our interview with Mohamed Saim from Navodesk, a premium brand of smart, ergonomic furniture & accessories based in the UAE.

Interviews  •  January 23, 2021

Navodesk Control Monitor Arm Review

The Navodesk Control Monitor Arm is an ideal monitor arm for the modern office or home setup and comes with a two-year warranty.

PC & Hardware  •  November 15, 2020

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How to archive or delete Instagram posts in bulk at once?

Tap on ‘Your Activity’. Click ‘Posts’ from the options. Click on ‘Select’ at the top and pick the posts you want to hide.

Guides  •  July 19, 2024

How to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

A Spotify collaborative playlist allows you to create a playlist on your own and then invite your friends to add their favourite tracks.

Guides  •  July 19, 2024

HONOR 200 Series launches with the future AI Portrait Photography

The HONOR 200 Series will be available in UAE, KSA, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan with a later rollout expected in South Africa.

Gadgets  •  July 18, 2024

How to play an Xbox game on Fire TV?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in over 25 countries can play games directly from the Xbox app on select Fire TV devices via cloud gaming.

Gaming  •  July 18, 2024

Why buy the new HUAWEI MatePad SE 11?

The HUAWEI MatePad SE 11 promises its users the best eye comfort without compromising on the immersive visual experience.

Gadgets  •  July 18, 2024