NAVO: Transforming Ergonomic Living

NAVO's evolution from Navodesk symbolizes a paradigm shift from office-centric furniture to a holistic approach to ergonomic living.

Gadgets  •  November 24, 2023

Navodesk Desk Hub Pro Review

The Navodesk Desk Hub Review: a must-have accessory for anyone looking to streamline their desk setup and power management.

Gadgets  •  May 27, 2023

Navodesk: Dubai’s first Ergonomic Brand

Navodesk, one of Dubai’s first Ergonomic Brand that is quickly gaining popularity among individuals and businesses alike.

Gadgets  •  March 07, 2023

Navodesk APEX Chair Review

Navodesk Apex Chair review: a top-of-the-line ergonomic gaming chair that offers a wide range of features for optimal comfort and support.

Gadgets  •  January 24, 2023

Navodesk HALO Chair Review

The Navodesk HALO Chair is a BIFMA certified, highly-adujstable chair designed to better your posture and improve productivity.

Gadgets  •  June 19, 2022

Navodesk Desk Hub Hands-on Review

The Navodesk Desk Hub works great for home, office and workstation setups. It provides USB charging while powering external hardware.

PC & Hardware  •  April 10, 2022

Navodesk ICON Chair Review

The Navodesk ICON Chair is a BIFMA certified premium gaming & office chair designed to better your posture. Read our review!

Gadgets  •  June 05, 2021

Navodesk Smart Standing Desk Review

If you’re looking to upgrade your workspace, the Navodesk Smart Standing Desk is definitely worth checking out. Read our review!

Gadgets  •  February 04, 2021

An exclusive interview with Mohamed Saim from Navodesk, UAE-based smart furniture brand

Our interview with Mohamed Saim from Navodesk, a premium brand of smart, ergonomic furniture & accessories based in the UAE.

Interviews  •  January 23, 2021

Navodesk Control Monitor Arm Review

The Navodesk Control Monitor Arm is an ideal monitor arm for the modern office or home setup and comes with a two-year warranty.

PC & Hardware  •  November 15, 2020

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OPPO Find N3 Redefines the Foldable Smartphone

OPPO’s refinement of its Flexion Hinge reaches new heights with its groundbreaking iteration for the Find N3.

Gadgets  •  December 07, 2023

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini Hands-on Review

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini Hands-on Review: For small apartments and spaces, the Mini provides an outstanding soundbar experience.

Gadgets  •  December 07, 2023

MSI’s Exclusive December 2023 Festive Promotions on Laptops

MSI’s Exclusive December 2023: season’s buying guide for a diverse range of laptop models designed to cater to the varied needs of consumers.

Guides  •  December 05, 2023

Maonocaster AMC2 NEO Review

Maonocaster AMC2 NEO Review: portable audio mixer impresses with its user-friendly design, catering to creators of varying expertise levels.

Gadgets  •  December 03, 2023

MAONO PD200X Review

MAONO PD200X Review: the Maono PD200X microphone strikes a balance between affordability and performance. Read our review!

Gadgets  •  December 03, 2023