Exclusive interview with BenQ on projection technology

We had the opportunity to interview Manish Bakshi, Managing Director at BenQ Middle East to know more about their plans for projection technology.

GDGTME Team  •  January 04, 2022

Exclusive interview with BenQ on projection technology

1. How would you define the projector market in the Middle East region?

The projector industry witnessed a de-growth of 17% in 2021 as compared to 2020 and the category continues to face strong headwinds. Despite the difficult scenario, BenQ Middle East has emerged as a winner in the segment in the UAE after achieving a 42% market share in the 4K projector segment and 18% in the DLP projector segment for the period of Q3 2021.

2. What are the major trends influencing the projector market in the region?

The entire business, education, gaming, and home entertainment landscape is undergoing a transformation. More interactive visual solutions are entering the market to offer commendable collaboration features to pave way for better meetings and improved lessons. Incredible picture quality is being supported by eye care features that ensure better eye health as screen viewing durations hit an all-time high. BenQ has been a trendsetter of sorts, with the world’s first android-based gaming projector – TK700STi.

We have also introduced an impressively portable projector – GV30. BenQ has also introduced the world’s first smart projector for classroom with built-in Android system, wireless internet connectivity and web browser. It enables schoolteachers to access and share online teaching material wirelessly without using a PC or laptop. These are some of the trends that are shaping solutions in the projector market in the region at the moment, and as you can see, BenQ is already a step ahead of them with its pioneering solutions already in the market.

3. Which are the leading names in the projector business in the region and what is your market share in the regional market?

As mentioned, BenQ has achieved the No. 1 recognition in multiple projector categories in the UAE with a 42% market share in the 4K projector segment and 18% in the DLP projector segment for Q3 2021.  Moreover, the brand also became the leader in the 4K Projector segment as well as Portable Projector brand in Saudi Arabia with a phenomenal 67% and 60% market share respectively, for the same period. BenQ currently holds a majority share in projectors overall with a 51% SoM in KSA.

4. Which new products have you launched in past 6 months, and how has been the response from the market?

BenQ has been continually improving itsofferings to bring solutions that can meet the future demands of this changing digital world.  We introduced a portable projector with extra bass and Bluetooth speaker that delivers a solid audio performance to elevate mundane movie-watching.

The GV30 is highly portable, making large-screen entertainment possible from anywhere. We also launched the world’s first 4K HDR gaming projector that allows gamers to experience the sharpest resolution and the lowest input lag ever paired together in gaming, the TK700STi.

Then there’s the EX800ST which is a Wireless Android-based smart projector for business designed to allow users to start projecting from their smart phone, tablet, or laptop in a few easy steps.

The EH600 is another Wireless Android-based smart projector for business with wireless projection and mirroring capabilities across various platforms (Mac/iOS, Android, or PC) for simple and easy presentations.

5. What is your go to market strategy and what role does channel play in achieving your goals?

The past year has been a period of pride for BenQ and our go to market strategy is focused on ensuring that our staff and extensive partner base remains committed to enhancing the customers’ buying journey as the demand for our solutions grows. We are continually committed to supporting our channel partners’ long-term business growth as that is instrumental to our growth. Our channel partner’s ecosystem is designed to accelerate their operations and boost their profitability.

6. What are the new products are you planning to launch in 2022 and what kind of growth are you expecting to achieve in current financial year in the region?

BenQ is one of the leading projector brands that provides world-class display solutions to customers across the globe. With our consistent top-notch performance and smart solutions, BenQ retained its leading position in the market for the best 4K Projectors as well as Interactive Flat Panels in 2021. It achieved the No. 1 recognition in multiple categories, thus winning a tough fight against the market impacted by the pandemic. A diverse range of projectors will be unveiled in 2022.

We would like to thank Manish Bakshi for his time in answering our questions!

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